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The Ladder 87 Summer Academy™ 2017

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The Ladder 87 Summer Academy 2017

''Believing in Achieving''

What's happening at the Academy?

With our proven commitment to positive social interaction in a fun and engaging way, The Ladder 87 Summer Academy™ is now ready! With fully first aid trained and DBS checked staff, your children are in safe hands with our crew. 

As with all Ladder 87 projects, the whole event will have our core values running throughout. At the Academy children will learn about fitness, healthy eating and nutrition, wellbeing, and team-building.

We are proud to have some amazing local businesses working with us. Flints of Hitchin, a new business to Hitchin will be supplying healthy smoothies daily for the children to have as one of their snacks. The children will even have the opportunity to make and design their own smoothies, by using Flints new and exciting urban smoothie bike that powers the smoothie blender by the use of peddling!

The Taymount Clinic will be providing snacks throughout The Academy. Taymount are experts in Digestive Health. Working with clients to improve and maintain a healthy gut.  Taymount have been working with patients with many common digestive health problems successfully for a number of years.  The Taymount Clinic is famous across the globe as a pioneer in digestive health and FMT (faecal microbiota transplant). The children will learn first-hand excellent information on healthy eating and nutrition. 

We have Sarah Brendlor from Krav Maga joining us on one of Academic days. Krav Maga is a realistic and effective form of self-defence. It teaches you to defend yourself against all kinds of threats and attacks. From common slaps, chokes, and grabs, to all situations with weapons. It will also show you how to deal with more than one assailant. But it’s not just about fighting; it’s about being aware of the situations, recognising a problem before it happens, improving your ability to respond quickly and solving that problem whilst under stress.

Clean up Hitchin have worked hard to create a workshop on environmental awareness, the Academy students will get hands on making and creating their ideas into some wonderful pieces of art in the recycling/upcycle project. 

Sarah Graham a local Artist from Hitchin famous for her vibrant, joyful oil paintings and artwork, will be bringing her creative flare to the 'Art Vibes' session at The Academy. Much of Sarah’s masterpieces are reflective of things you associate with childhood which evoke a sense of wonderment and nostalgia. With this is mind, Sarah’s involvement in The Academy and working with the students is guaranteed to be fun, playful, creative and very colourful! 

Adam Shaw the brainchild of Sports 121, will be supporting The Academy on the Friday session, delivering an engaging and enjoyable multi sports session. With his experience in top quality coaching and expert in his field, the students will learn first hand sports skills and training which will enhance their abilities in sports and fitness. 

4B Medical is a medical company focusing on BURNS, BLEEDING, BREAKS-FRACTURE, BREATHING-CPR. They make First Aid Kits to cater many different demands. Martin Podrasky Head of Business for 4B Medical has been working alongside Ladder 87 to create basic First Aid Kits suitable for children. With simplicity in mind, the idea of colour coding items with a basic key guide to refer to, which clearly allows the child to identify which item is used for which emergency. Keeping with the 4B's idea the First Aid kits are for Burns, Bruises, Bleed and Bumps. On the health and safety session, each child will receive a First Aid kit (worth £15).

Included in the package will be 3 meals a day, with healthy snacks included (some of which the children will make themselves!!). The Academy will be open to children aged from 4 to 12.

Academy Daily Breakdown:

Monday 31st July - Reuse, Recycle, Upcycle Project

In association with 'Clean Up Hitchin', we have designed a day inspired by recycling, upcycling, and environmental awareness. Fun quizzes, making and designing models and art work from unwanted recycling products the children will learn the importance of recycling and its impact on our world.

Tuesday 1st August - People Who Help Us Project

Today at the Academy will be all about People Who Help Us. The 5 emergency services, and what they do to help us will be hot on the topic, plus our Ladder 87 Secret 6th! Fitness and wellbeing will be another focus, and healthy eating and nutrition.

Wednesday 2nd August - KRAV MAGA GLOBAL - Martial Arts / 4B Medical health and safety.

Today at the Academy will be all about self-defence. Sarah Brendlor from Krav Maga will teach children about self-defence and how it is a countermeasure that involves defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm in an emergency. Great for the body to as it keeps you fit and is a great release of stress, allowing your little ones to let off some steam in a fun controlled way!

Thursday 3rd August - Wild in The Woods

Today at the Academy we are getting 'wild in the woods'. Rural awareness, making dens out of rural materials, outside BBQ and teaching children about outside safety. Health and safety will be on the agenda, and the children will participate in learning about the 4B Medical First Aid Box's, which they will get to keep.

Friday 4th August - Graduation Day and 'Art Vibez'

Today is the celebration completing the Academy but not before a morning fitness session with Adam Shaw from Sports 121. The children will also get to design and personalise their graduation T-shirt to wear at the passing out ceremony where they will get their well-deserved certificate for completing the Academy. Time to get creative and express yourself with local artist Sarah Graham. The students will be using their artistic side in the vibrant ''Art Vibes'' session. Whether your child has attended one day or the full 5 days, recognition for commitment and attendance will be expressed in the graduation ceremony.

Personal, social, and emotional development (PSED)

  • The children will be required to work as a team, and to participate in questions and answers
  • Exploring real-life equipment from each Emergency Service
  • Understanding real scenarios and roleplay
  • Learning about the Ladder 87 Company™ core values of #safety, #wellbeing and #community

Communication, language, and literacy (CLL)

  • Games that require children to think and respond
  • Learning the phone numbers of the emergency services
  • Understanding who to contact and in what emergency (including friends and family numbers)
  • Learning what the emergency services do to help
  • Sharing their views and giving their input into how they feel they can contribute to their community and social groups

Knowledge and understanding of the world (KUW)

  •  Exploring the wider community (supervised), including both urban and rural area
  • Taking part in the upcycling competition (within their ‘Watches’) using materials that have been found and donated throughout the week
  • Exploring real-life emergency service uniforms, equipment, and vehicles (where available)

Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy (PSRN)

  • Experiencing real-life scenarios and learning who to call for help
  • Understanding the correct use of the emergency phone number, knowing your name and address, and recognising the type of emergency
  • Interpreting various scenarios and problem solving
  • Physical development (PD)
  • Taking part in the assault course, fitness exercises and team games
  • Using the pumps and hoses (weather permitting)
  • Playing the ‘stop, drop and roll’ game

Creative development (CD)

  • To continue their learning, each child will receive a pack of worksheets to use both during the academy days and afterwards at home with their families

Now here is the small print: T & C's:

You can book individual days or receive a discount if you choose to book the full 5 days. Siblings also receive discount when booking one child’s full price day. Please note there is a small charge when placing a booking, this is an admin fee. 

Ladder 87 Company - Here are our positive promises-

  • Positive life skills
  • Team building
  • Community awareness
  • Fitness assessment and assault courses
  • Healthy eating and wellbeing
  • Community and helping your friends
  • Reuse, recycle, upcycle project * MONDAY
  • Emergency actions (Emergency Services) * TUESDAY
  • First aid and self-defence *WEDNESDAY
  • Wild in the woods *THURSDAY
  • Art vibes creative session *FRIDAY
  • Graduation and passing out parade *FRIDAY