What does the Hitchin Christmas Tree Light Switch On mean to us?

When we started this company at the beginning of this year 2016, we sat down around a table and said ''Wouldn't it be amazing if we could turn on Hitchin Christmas Tree Lights this year''. 11 months later and here we are. But why was it in our hearts to want to do this? Ladder 87 Company™ believe that Christmas is a time of unity, coming together as one and the festival of light. It’s a spirit that possesses the nation into being grateful, giving, loving, and thankful. The time where community is really reflected as its best, whether it be buying a gift for that neighbour how has been helpful and caring to you all year round, or the simplicity of an exchange of a Christmas card to show you care.

In the darkest time of the English calendar year, we decorate our houses with light which warms our hearts and creates hope. Christmas is the prime example of why we love Hitchin. Every year we collaborate together to the heart of Hitchin town for the Christmas light switch on. In a democratic world where race, wealth, and religion still exists, this is abolished as we stand as one side by side in harmony. We support our local independent business by consuming delicious food and drinks, the atmosphere is buzzing with children’s laughter and anticipation for that ultimate moment where the darkness turns into light. It’s a time where we can forget about things and enjoy here and now.

Ladder 87 Company™ are honoured to be part of the Hitchin Town Light switch on. So much so we want to give back to the community. Everything we do as a community roots from our company values SAFETY – COMMUNITY- WELLBEING. To celebrate this, we have designed some led bracelets with our values imprinted on them. They are available in numerous colours and with their led light up function we can light up as one at the Hitchin Light switch on LIGHT UP HITCHIN. Wearing these bracelets reflects Hitchin as one, and with the LED light up element, it adds that secure feeling of safety during the dark evenings. A percentage of profits from these bands will go to Hitchin bid so they can spend that money back into the Hitchin Community that we all love so much.

Let’s light up Hitchin, let’s be as one. LIGHT UP HITCHIN

Michelle Hoskin