Grayson's 2nd Birthday Party

Grayson turned 2 in May, and what better way of spending your 2nd birthday than with Dennis and The Ladder Crew. Grayson loves fire engines, what 2-year-old boy doesn’t! 

Dennis and The Ladder Crew arrived to deliver the Ultimate Party Package. Whilst Grayson happily spent most of the time sitting on Dennis and using the pumps and hoses to cool down, his older sibling and guests took part in the firefighter’s experience and obstacle course. The obstacle course is designed and tailored to teach young children the importance of keeping fit, listening to instructions and working as a team. With a firefighter twist to the course the children participate in trying on the firefighter kit, jumping hurdles, running through ladders, all in aid of completing the course and ringing that fire bell!

By the end of the fun filled day, with the weather being so hot every one cooled down by playing with the real firefighter pumps and hoses and a few water bombs! Why not book your party today? Click on the Services link on our home page to find out more.

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