We are full of Ladder Love! ❤️

Even though we didn't scoop the UK National prize we are so proud of what we have achieved in just under 2 years!  We have made more new friends than we can count, we've laughed until our bellies hurt and had many moments when only glitter lips (for the girls!) would do.

We have had tears, wellies full of water tipped on our heads and arguments over who is the best driver of Dennis (which is clearly not me after bumping in to a post!) and so so so much more!

We all have full time jobs. Mark is a full time fire fighter, I am a professional speaker and coach in the financial services sector and Abi well as a full time mum.. she continues to try to do it all!

At times we have wanted to give up; some days feeling like nobody would miss us if we were gone and then we take a look out of the window and see our beautiful red Dennis staring back at us and realise there is no way we can go back now.

So, even though we didn't win the UK finals.. we love our business (sometimes more than we love each other!) so here is to another year...

To close I have popped in a few pictures of the moments that have simps taken my breath away! 

Thank you to everyone that supports us... x

With big Ladder love

Michelle xx

The Ladder Crew

Michelle Hoskin