Eggstraordinary Easter Tips For You And Your Little Bunnies.


We are all guilty as parents, allowing our children to play on an tablets, computers, or smart phones, but how smart is this? 

Too much time tapping away on an mobile devices (particularly around bedtime!) can have a big impact on a child's mental well-being. Too much TV, interactive technology, texting and gaming increases stress levels and irritability, it can also affect sleep cycles and damage social interaction. It can really fracture their attention and depletes mental reserves in children. Not a good recipe for a 2 week Easter Break!

So, what can we as parents do this Easter?

It’s Easter Holidays and many of us parents have to juggle work and attention with children off of school. At Ladder 87 Company™, we as Directors are all parents ourselves and can relate to these problems. But we have some tips and tricks to help the over the Easter, take a look:

They are what they eat! – Easter is about indulging in an Easter Egg or two, and there isn’t anything wrong in the odd treat. But are you actually aware of how much sugar is in the foods your feeding your children and how this sugar content can affect their wellbeing and behaviour. Below is an example of the sugar content in some Easter favourites! 


Did you know?

  • Added sugar contains no essential nutrients and is bad for your teeth
  • Due to its effects on hormones and the brain, sugar has unique fat-promoting effects
  • Because it causes massive dopamine release in the brain, sugar is highly addictive
  • Sugar is a leading contributor to obesity in both children and adults

It is all about balance. After you have your Easter Eggs, take your sweet angels out for a long walk. Why not collect acorns from your walk, take them home and paint them in bright Easter colours, you can then hide them in the garden and do a non-chocolate Easter Acorn Hunt! The game that keeps on giving without costing a penny! Be active and burn some of that excess sugar you have indulged in off, and exhaust them with fresh air!

The best advise would be to make time with you children, and have some patience. It can be testing, but these moments are priceless, and they just want a little bit of attention and structure is so important. Children respond great to routine and structure, so allocate times for interactive play and a few hours for your work and make time for YOU. Here are some helpful ideas:

  • Print off free colouring templates off the internet for them to fill in and make it into a competition. 
  • Boil some eggs, and paint them! Afterwards you can remove the shells and get the children to help making egg sandwiches for lunch.
  • Make use of the great outdoors, go on walks, make a treasure map and write down observations that’s you see.
  • Make your own play-dough and colour it with bright food colouring! Make Easter related shapes and designs likes bunnies, eggs, flowers etc.
  • Make healthy treats, use raw cocoa powder instead of high sugary cocoa powders and  
  • chocolate. There are so many healthy recipes online free for your use!
  • Board games! Nothing passes time more than a game or two!
  • Picnic in the garden! If the weather is nice, grab a blanket and make take lunch outside
  • Geocatching. What is that i hear you say? It is like a free global outdoor treasure hunt! Search Geocatching to find out more!
  • Making a tent or den out of materials at home! 
  • Fun science experiments! have some great suggestions!
  • Freeze your small toys with water and food colouring and using a kids hammer and chisel (supervised) watch the children try their best to break the ice and find the toy!
  • Wash the car together. Kids actually like chores, when you do it as a game. Wash the car together and have a little water splash fight at the same time.  They could use water pistols to remove the soap!
  • A Western Shoot Down! Use empty cans and shoot them down with water guns!
  • Make edible jewelry. Using a long sweet lace thread on oat Cherrios, Wheetos and low sugar cereal shapes!
  • Visit the library and take out some books. It may seem obvious one but how many of us actually do it? Kids absolutely love the library and selecting their own books!
  • Check out local free activities to do in your area!
  • Meet up with other parents and their children. Sometimes playing in a park is just the ticket to do to burn some of their energy off!
  • Have absolute fun, take time out for you too. 

Happy Easter Everyone!

Michelle Hoskin