data Protection Policy

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to replace the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC in May 2018. 

In simple terms all this regulation aims to do is ensure that we collect, store, use and retain your information in a manner that ensures its safety.

We will only ever collect information from you if we need it to help us deliver services (which you have requested) to you and/or to keep you up to date with news, information and events which you have told us you would like to know about.

We never ever share your information with anyone. It stays with us.  

There is a process in place which helps us collect, store, use and retain your information.  This is as follows:

1) We will collect your name, address, contact details and the nature of your enquiry through our online 'Contact Form'.  We use SquareSpace to process this information.  Once you hit the send button the information is sent to us in an email

2) This information then stays in our email system (Google Mail) and will be archived once we have dealt with your initial enquiry. We will not delete any emails from you.

3) Should we then engage further with you we will collect further details about the services you require via our online booking forms.  Again this is submitted via the SquareSpace system and is sent through to us via an email.  This information includes the name of your children and/or guests, their ages, physical abilities, dietary requrements, medical condition and medicine being taken, any special considerations that you would like us to take into account and some additional information about the location where the services are to be delivered.

4) This information is then stored in either our diary system (Google Calendar) and/or on our document storage drive (Google Drive) 

5) At this point your full contact details (name, address, phone numbers and email address) are then entered into our Client Management System (ProsperWorks) and saved so that we can keep in touch with you in future (at your request).

6) We also use SquareSpace and PayPal to process payments. Should you do this yourself we will never see your debit, credit card or bank details; however if we process a payment on your behalf we shall use the details and then destroy your debit, credit card and/or bank details as soon as we have finished using them. We will NEVER save your debit, credit card and/or bank details

A few other things that you might like to know:

  • Michelle Hoskin (Founder and Director), Lisa King (Finance Assistant) and Joel Ide (our website designer) are the only three people within Ladder 87 Company that will see your information.  We may share certain pieces of information with the rest of The Ladder Crew if they are working on delivering an event or party on your/our behalf
  • Michelle Hoskin is Ladder 87 Company's Data Protection Officer - if you have any questions or require further information please email
  • We will never delete any of the information that we hold on you unless you request us to do so.
  • If you are sending us information on behalf of another person, please get their permission before letting us have it
  • If you wish to see what information we hold on you please email and we will be very happy to share this with you
  • On a regular basis (at least annually) we will carry out a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) which allows us to review and audit our data processing activity
  • We will take part in appropriate training as and when required to ensure that we know how to keep your information safe and secure.

Ladder 87 is committed to keeping you and your information and data safe and secure so should you believe that we have not done this please email at your earliest convenience so that we can deal with this matter immediately.

This policy was adopted by: Ladder 87 Company / Date: 01/01/18

To be reviewed: Annually or as required / Signed: Michelle Hoskin - Founder and Director

Written in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)