Hitchin Fireworks


What a Night!

Hitchin we ❤️ you! 

Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our heart for your love and support last night! Your feedback and comments have blown us away! 

Here are a few pictures - more to come! 

A massive thank you to all of you, PLUS.... our event partners, food vendors, security people, lighting people, electricity people, the fabulous 4x4 guys, all those amazing shops who sold tickets beforehand, Rob, Chris and Paul for their amazing photos, Hitchin Initiative/Bid, Skyfiller Fireworks... gosh I am sure there are 100 more!

We would love your feedback, so lock and load and let us have it! We want the good, the bad and the ugly! 

The fire works were amazing and obviously a wonderful thing to have in town.
Best fireworks display in and around Hitchin!
Amazing event, very well organised.
It was sooooooo wonderful seeing most of Hitchin enjoy themselves. The fireworks were spectacular. My son was spellbound.
It is definitely worth going next year!
The whole event was fantastic!!! I loved the venue - it was perfect!! The fireworks display was superb - well exceeded expectations!!! And the general atmosphere was tremendous!!!