Features Overview

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Proms and Pick ups
The fire engine chauffeur service!

If you have a special event or occasion and would like a unique, special and very quirky way of getting to your destination then we have just the thing for you!

Dennis is a shiny 1987 Fire Engine and we just love him! Whether it’s a prom, wedding, birthday or just a special occasion, Ladder 87 Company™ promise to get you there in style.

Park Up and Play
The children's firefighter experience!

Having a play date or party? We have just the thing for you! Everyone loves Dennis The Fire Engine™ so why not let him and The Ladder Crew™ entertain your little ones while you enjoy some much needed chill time.

Our Park Up and Play™ package gives the children a real life firefighter experience including fun activities, an opportunity to try on the full uniform and even a sit on Dennis himself!

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pumps and hoses.jpg

Pumps and Hoses 
The ultimate party package!

Our Pumps and Hoses Package is our favourite! Dennis The Fire Engine™ and The Ladder Crew™ will entertain the children (even the grown up ones) with a fun packed obstacle course, which incorporates fire and health and safety activities that are guaranteed to excite and totally exhaust! It will be an experience they won't forget.

The party boy or girl will receive a birthday treat from and will become part of The Little Ladder Crew™! with all children receiving a well-deserved certificate at the end of the course to congratulate them on their effort and participation. 

blues and twos.jpg

Blues and Twos 
The festival and community event crowd pleaser! 

If you are organising or hosting a festival, fair, social or community event then we got just the thing to pull in the crowds! No question!

Dennis our shiny, sparkly and very handsome 1987 Fire Engine will arrive with The Ladder Crew™ with lots to offer from fun fitness obstacle courses with a Fire Fighter related twist (suiting all ages) through to mini educational workshops sharing the importance of safety, wellbeing and community!