Make Up and Cosmetics Policy

We/the artist – refers to Ladder 87 Company Limited and its staff

You / Your – refers to the customer / client and or their parent / guardian

Host – refers to the person who booked Ladder 87 Company Limited

We reserve the right to refuse to apply face/body paint or tattoos to:

  • any person that appears to be suffering from any kind of skin disorder
  • any design that we consider offensive
  • any person for any other reason
  • any children under the age of 3 years

While we take extreme care with all aspects of face/body painting and tattoos, we cannot accept any liability for any adverse reaction to the face/body paint or tattoos. Should sensitivity be a potential problem, you should let the artist know as soon as possible (at least 30 minutes prior to being painted). At this time, a patch test can be performed to check for any reactions.

Although the artist will take every care not to get face/body paint or tattoos on your clothes, if they do come into contact with paints/tattoos they should be cold soaked and washed as normal. The artist cannot be held liable for any damage caused.

We will not apply face/body paint or tattoos to children under the age of 3 years. Children over 3 years of age will only be painted at the artist’s discretion and the artist’s decision is final.

The artist will only apply face/body paint and/or tattoos to children who are happily willing to participate. Any children that seem upset or worried will not be painted. Again, this at the artist’s discretion.

At all times, adult consent is required before children can be painted/tattooed.  At private parties, the host is responsible for informing the parents/guardians that our services will be available. The host is also responsible for informing the artist of any children that cannot participate.

Ladder 87 Company is not a child care service. There MUST be at least one adult in attendance at all times during the session who is responsible for the behaviour and welfare of the children.