People Who Help Us

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People Who Help Us

Ladder 87 Company™ has designed an exciting new package around the topic ‘People Who Help Us’. We believe this is an important topic that the children in the early years of education should learn about. The ‘People Who Help Us’ Workshop™ is an hour-long session which not only covers the 5 Emergency Services (Fire Service, Police, Ambulance, Coast Guard and Mountain Rescue) and how they help, but it also reveals the ‘Secret 6th’.

As part of this fun and interactive workshop the children will get the opportunity to experience and explore our very own Fire Engine, Dennis.

Ladder 87 Company™ have broken down the workshops deliverables in to the following categories:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

·   The children will be required to participate in questions and answers

·   Get to explore real equipment from each emergency service

·   Role play

·   Learning about The Ladder 87 Company™ core values of #SAFETY, #WELLBEING, #COMMUNITY

Communication, language and literacy (CLL)

·   Games that require children to think and respond

·   Learning the phone number of the Emergency Services

·   Who they can contact and in what emergency

·   What the Emergency Services do to help

Knowledge and understanding of the world (KUW)

·   Exploring real life Emergency Service equipment

·   Explore our real fire engine, Dennis

·   Trying on fire uniforms

Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy (PSRN)

·   Real life scenarios and who to call for help

·   The correct use of the emergency 999 phone call and knowing your name, address and the recognising the type of emergency

Physical Development (PD)

·   Using the Pumps and Hoses (weather permitting)

·   Stop, Drop and Roll game

Creative Development (CD)

·   To continue the learning each child will receive a pack of Dennis the Fire Engine™ crayons and colouring sheet to take home.

Prices start from £147 for a fun and interactive session!


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