Social Charter

Ladder 87 Company will be instrumental in changing the meaning of community by reinforcing its importance in the hearts of our future adults to build loyalty and a point of reference for those who follow.

Through our Social Charter we shall do this by:

  • Committing to our three key points of reference: Safety, Wellbeing and Community
  • Ensuring that each of our delivery methods incorporates participant-centred learning (PCL) techniques supporting full engagement and understanding
  • Encouraging a personal social/community contribution from all ages of the children and adults (where possible) who we engage with
  • Supporting as many social and community initiatives, campaigns and events as possible through volunteering as well as donating time, resources and financial support.

We are very proud of our Social Charter, through which we will continue to contribute to and support our local community.

Who we are ... 

Ladder 87 Company specialises in educational parties and events.

We are totally committed to delivering all activities in a fun and active way, allowing the children (and adults!) to learn all about the key areas of safety, positive social behaviour and the importance of a community, while at the same time having the time of their lives!

As the company founders and Directors we are parents ourselves and together as a team provide a unique offering to the market, including over 100 years experience in the Emergency Services.

As The Ladder Crew we inspire with our energy, are proud of our professionalism and love everything that we stand for!